Luxurious, waterfront high-rise living is exactly what High Point Place offers. This community is part of the revitalized Fort Myers River District. With such beautiful features and state-of-the-art amenities, High Point has become “the place to live” in Fort Myers.

To ensure you enjoy panoramic water views, High Point Place condominiums are designed with terraces on both the front and back sides. There are 255 high-end condominiums in the tower, as well as 18 low-rise units. Developed by Cameratta Properties, these condominiums are for people who appreciate fine living.


Upper Scale Condominium Living

In the 32-story High Point Place building, you can choose from three- and four-bedroom units that offer between 1,779 and 2,258 square feet. Even the smaller condos are spacious, providing ample space for families, as well as young professionals and retirees.

Depending on the exact unit, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200,000 to $600,000 on average for the privilege of being an owner. Considering the plush environment coupled with beautiful natural surroundings, purchasing one of the condominiums is a worthwhile investment.

Although many condominium towers dot the Fort Myers skyline, High Point Place is unique for a variety of reasons. For one thing, you have quick and easy access to the downtown area of the city. In addition, you are almost directly across from the water.


Living in Beautiful Fort Myers

Other than the spring break season, Fort Myers has long been considered a sleepy town, but in recent years, this image has begun to change. Today, the city is ranked as one of the best places in Florida to live. Having a home in High Point Place enhances the quality of life you will experience.

Also known as the “City of Palms,” the views from High Point Place condominiums includes swaying palm trees that create an almost magical environment. In some areas around the tower, palm trees stretch up toward the sky some 75 feet.

By owning a High Point Place condominium, you become part of an eclectic group of people. As such, the entire area is extremely diverse and fun. For added convenience, there are numerous shops, restaurants, and clubs within walking distance. However, for easy access outside of Florida, roadways and the Southwest Regional Airport are also within close proximity.

Two other benefits of buying a condominium in High Point Place include golfing on any one of the 43 nearby courses and boating on the scenic Caloosahatchee River. Even though these condos are incredibly stunning, most people enjoy getting out and about.

Without question, the skyline of Fort Myers has been awakened. Beautiful condominium towers enhance the overall beauty of the River District with graceful lines, interesting architectural features, and perfect landscaping.

After work, you can relax in the privacy and comfort of your home while looking out over the water, but you also have the opportunity to take leisurely strolls along the riverbank or participate in any number of exciting physical activities.

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